Lopearth is a survival game in which you represent planet Earth. Your objective is to defend the Earth from the attack of different enemies for as long as you can survive.

Lopearth counts with different items and weapons that can be obtained throughout the game to help you survive . You can use the store strategically with the storage to survive. Watch out for the enemies that can appear on each level up.

Lopearth also has leaderboards for you to compete against your friends and the world!

Good luck, you'll need it.

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- Diferent enemies like Asteroids
- A variety of items that help or destroy you...
- Completely free.
- Weapons for different situations including laser and cats.
- Store system functionality for you to use your weapons whenever you want.
- A challenging normal game, but good luck with the insane difficulty.
- Leaderboards, play against your friends and the world!


Android 2.3 and up, Cell Phone or Tablet, Play Store.