Chloe's Transformations: Cat

2018-7-14     by: Paperf
Last modified: 2018-8-27

Hey guys! This post will be a continuation of the post: CHLOE’S TRANSFORMATIONS: SPIDER, so if you haven´t seen it yet, you can go here.

Last time we gave you some details about the gameplay and we talked about Chloe’s transformations. Today we will bring more info about the transformations itself.

As we explained before, Chloe will be able to change into monsters to solve puzzles and use different abilities during battles. These special forms can be obtained by beating the bosses you will find throughout the game or by completing determined missions.

In the demo, you will start with two transformations: the spider and the cat. The spider one will let you fight in a strategic way and solve many puzzles with her spider web. The cat one (which is the one of the concept art you can see above) will let you fight in a more aggressive way and move quicker in the battlefield.

We hope you like what you have seen so far, and feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback.

Stay tuned for more information about the game!