Game Mechanics Tests

2018-8-27     by: Paperf
Last modified: 2018-9-6

Hi guys! We decided that every video we upload to the page should have its respective post because we will upload a lot of them. We think you might like to see the old videos if they are not available in the “IN DEVELOPMENT” section.

We can’t have many videos in the “IN DEVELOPMENT” section or it will look bad, so we will keep two and make the posts we mentioned before.

The first post is about our first video related to the SoulDrain game. This video was made a long time ago and it is about our gameplay tests. In it you can see some interesting things like the first design of Chloe, our 2D and 3D approach and that we use Unity at the start of the game, but now we use Unreal Engine.

Hope you like the video and follow our progress made so far. We hope you like the approach we take about this game.

See you next time!